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ABC Betings: Getting our
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Sport bets are one of our major techniques for earning money over the internet. In the text below, you can read everything about it!

Sport betting is a maraton and not a sprint! Let me explain
the concept. You have to play slowly and whit your "head".

You have to avoide foolish beting on teams, that have unimported matches..
It's smart to have good informations about the game and about the players, before you place your bet. In the opposite, you will make yourself a big minus!
Unfortunatly, that is happening to people (80%) which are betting on sports.

The smartest thing is to follow our betting advices, which we
have separated into 2 categorys:

1. Free bet advice: 

We are sending our tips to your email, about 1 or 2 betting advices per day,
there are also gona be days, when we don`t send (usually cause of bad bet offers).
Certainly is better to bet nothing, like to bet on a usuall match, whit a lot
of cance, to lose your money.
Successful betting teams (just like ours) base on detailed analys, before the game and informations about the situation inside clubs.
(Insider tips)

2. Premium bet advice:

We are sending our tips to your email, usually you get everything that we play (including analysis) + Every Premium member will get our (3-5 quot) insider tips, but unfortunatly, those kinde of tips are rare, and hard to get, so there will be only few of them.
  Premium bet advice package is only for sirious betters, because  they have a bigger % of sucsses.

At the moment our Premium picks are 84% sucesfull.
Price is 25 EUR ( 36 USD ) Monthly, for reciving them on email or SMS.

We don`t force nobody, to tak our Premium offer. Everybody should decide by himself,
but we know, that there are going to be few of you, that will like to play there
bets on a higher level and get the maximum from there bets.

If you want to purchase our Free betting tips, just send us a email: with the note FREE TIPS and we will add you on our mailing list.

If you want to purchase our Premium betting tips, just send us a email: with the note FULL TIPS  and we will send you instructions how to continue...

More about betting strategies, financial strategies on betting, and everything betting releated will be on our english blog.

For now we can offer you some great and optimal things for start into sports betting:

1. Where to bet?

Answer is only one. Bet-At-Home Online Bookmaker. It's one of the best. They got fast and lot of ways to deposit / cashout, live betting, livescore, multilanguage site and support. 50% FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS!
+ All Our Betting Tips Are Avalible to Bet Here with best odds ever! SPECIAL OFFER!

If you want to recive free MasterCard for cashouting your winnings anywhere on the world with real credit card you should send email to us on: with keyword MasterCard, and we will send you some more details.
Credit card is totaly free!

More on our blog ( English language ) Everything for beginners!

You should also chek our betting history, CLICK HERE!
Have a nice day!
AM Empire Betting Team